Wealth Creation

Making your money work for you. Most professional people are too busy to manage their own financial affairs. We work with you to review your personal net wealth every year and explore opportunities, using a combination of investment, superannuation, and debt, to help you achieve your short and long-term financial goals. We are mindful of your risk profile seek to establish a plan which is financially beneficial while also providing you with peace of mind.

Risk Management

Planning for all possibilities. We help you establish a valid and current will, and where applicable, a partner or shareholders agreement. We help you set up appropriate insurances so that your family and interests are adequately protected. We look at questions like – What happens to my family if I can’t work or, I die? Will they have sufficient income? Will they be able to manage our current debt levels? How will we fund our children’s education? What happens to my business if I can’t work, or I die? These and other questions are reviewed at least annually.

Succession Planning

Helping you retire. We help you plan for your retirement. There are two important issues to consider: first, financial, and second, strategies for handover of your business. A wide range of options for the orderly transfer of your business will be explored and strategies put in place to make the changeover as easy and tax effective as possible.

Portfolio Management

Managing your investments. We arrange for structuring of your total investment portfolio according to your risk preferences, aims and needs. We assist with the placement of investments, and report regularly on your portfolio performance. Included is all administration associated with your investments, and provision of appropriate data to our compliance team for preparation of necessary tax and other returns.

Property Mentoring

Advice in property investment. Can be treated as a separate issue, or can be linked to Portfolio Management above. This service is aimed at building your wealth through a planned approach to property acquisition over time. We help with the budgeting process, choosing the best finance alternative, structuring process for asset protection and tax effectiveness, and structuring cash flow to maximise the result.

Financial/Investment Advice

We are authorised representatives of Apogee Financial Planning, a member of the National Australia Group of companies, an Australian Financial Services Licensee, with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and a Principal member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Our advisers adhere to the FPA’s Code of Professional Practice.

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